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Bluetooth Enabled White 48" Heavy Bag


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Don't just train hard...TRAIN SMART! 

This 48" heavy bag features a sensor array that registers the quantity and impact of every strike and transmits this workout data, via Bluetooth, to your smartphone or tablet using the free TenCount App so you can track the progress of your training. It uses a long life rechargeable battery to power the electronics. A premium synthetic leather cover and a thick, inner foam layer make this bag very easy on your hands. As the world's only environmentally green bag, it is filled with recycled rubber for a consistent feel creating a superior workout.

Features & Benefits

  • Sensor assembly to count and measure every strike & gauge impact power.
  • Free TenCount app to record & track your workout.
  • Bluetooth sends personalized workout data to the app via your smartphone or tablet.
  • Long life rechargeable battery - recharges with any micro-USB cable.
  • Thick inner foam layer for a consistent feel & recycled rubber fill for maximum impact absorbency.
  • Premium synthetic leather cover provides maximum durability.
  • Bag Dimensions:  14" diameter x 48" length, 70 pounds.


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