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TenCount Amateur Athlete Assistance Program


What is the TenCount Amateur Athlete Assistance Program?
The founders of TenCount are athletes and coaches so we know the challenges that athletes face. The purpose of the program is to help young amateur athletes raise funds to assist with the cost of competing.

How does the program work?
Selected athletes will have a profile on the TenCount web and social media pages. Each athlete will have a coupon code assigned to them that when used will direct a contribution to that athlete.

Does it matter what sport the athlete competes in?
Although there are some criteria to qualify, there are no set rules for what sports are covered. We will of course lean towards combat sports as it is the best fit to our current line of products, however, we are open to all possibilities.

Are there special requirements to qualify?
We are looking to help young amateur athletes who are not currently “carded” or funded. To qualify for this sponsorship the athlete must be a member of a valid governing body. There should be a specific tournament or event the athlete is attempting to fund.

What other benefits are there to be a part of the program?
The program, although at an early stage will build to have several benefits.

  • Networking to help increase competition opportunities 
  • Assistance with training equipment 
  • Testing prototypes for new products 
  • Resources, lists and assistance in obtaining grants 
  • Seminars

How do I apply?
You can download the application form here. Applications will be accepted via email to until September 29th. Tag "Sponsorship" in the subject line.  Athletes will be selected in October and announced in November.