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About Us

Since the advent of the Queensbury rules there have been few innovations to what many call “the purest sport” of boxing.  The same holds true for equipment used both in the ring (after the age of bare knuckles) and the equipment used to train for the ring.

TenCount was conceived of in 2010 by its founders with the notion that athletes ranging in ability from the world’s elite to the casual fitness participant would benefit from a smarter workout.

Until now, trainers and participants alike had no objective way of determining the force of a punch or kick with any measure of accuracy, or to count the number of strikes delivered during a specified period of time.

This is where TenCount comes in.  TenCount's Heavy Bag, the first product in our Smart Series uses modern technology to provide feedback and workout results to participants and trainers alike in real time.

This type of data is expected of virtually all modern sports equipment and thanks to the founders of TenCount; it is now available for Boxers and Martial Artists.  TenCount provides the most accurate and comprehensive metrics in the world and our training gear is the perfect start to your fitness regimen or complement your TenCount Smart Series Heavy Bag.

Remember, don’t just train hard … TRAIN SMART!